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Alternative Hunting Zones have been added to the game, in where Melee classes will find a more suitable location to farm and complete the Chain Quests starting from Lv. 20 and up to the 3rd Class Change.

General Features
  • Alternative Hunting Zones' monsters have equal level and stats to those from which they are an alternative to, but with additional features:
    • greater-magic-damage-resistance.png Greater Magic Damage Resistance
    • bow-firearms-resistance.png Bow/Firearms Resistance
  • Characters with classes considered as Melee will be teleported to the Alternative Hunting Zones during the Chain Quests (starting from Lv. 20 after the 1st Class Change).
  • All players can complete each Chain Quest in both the Main or the Alternative Hunting Zone, which is specially useful if playing in a party, since you won't be restricted to either one or another Hunting Zone. To move to the other Zone, just teleport via Teleport window.

Which classes are considered as Melee?
  • Humans: Warrior, Knight, Gladiator, Warlord, Paladin, Dark Avenger, Treasure Hunter.
  • Elves: Elven Knight, Temple Knight, Swordsinger, Plains Walker.
  • Dark Elves: Dark Knight, Shillien Knight, Bladedancer, Abyss Walker.
  • Orcs: Orc Raider, Orc Monk, Rider, Destroyer, Tyrant, Dragoon.
  • Dwarfs: Scavenger, Artisan, Bounty Hunter, Warsmith.
  • Kamaels: Warder, Soul Finder, Berserker. Note: After the 2nd Class Change, Soul Breaker is considered as Ranged class and moved to the Main Hunting Zones.
  • Death Knights: Death Blade, Death Messenger (Human, Elf, Dark Elf).



Ruins of Despair
  • Alternative to: Ruins of Agony
  • Level: 20
  • Territory: Gludio


Plains of Dion
  • Alternative to: Abandoned Camp
  • Level: 25
  • Territory: Dion


  • Alternative to: Gorgon Flower Garden
  • Level: 30
  • Territory: Gludio


Hardin's Academy
  • Alternative to: Death Pass
  • Level: 35
  • Territory: Giran


Windy Hill
  • Alternative to: Sea of Spores
  • Level: 40
  • Territory: Gludin


Bandit Stronghold
  • Alternative to: Cemetery
  • Level: 45
  • Territory: Oren


Forest of Mirrors
  • Alternative to: Fields of Massacre
  • Level: 53
  • Territory: Aden


Tanor Canyon
  • Alternative to: Plains of Glory
  • Level: 58
  • Territory: Dion


Blazing Swamp
  • Alternative to: War-Torn Plains
  • Level: 64
  • Territory: Aden


Forsaken Plains
  • Alternative to: Silent Valley
  • Level: 70
  • Territory: Aden

Locations Lv. 76+

New Alternative Hunting Zones have been added on Lv. 76+.
As with previous zones, Chain Quests can be completed in these new zones.


Valley of Saints
  • Alternative to: Plains of the Lizardmen
  • Level: 76
  • Territory: Rune
  • Quest that can be completed in this hunting zone: Stop the Lizardmen


Swamp of Screams (west)
  • Alternative to: Dragon Valley (west)
  • Level: 78
  • Territory: Rune
  • Quest that can be completed in this hunting zone: Reconaissance in the Western Dragon Valley


Swamp of Screams (east)
  • Alternative to: Dragon Valley (east)
  • Level: 82
  • Territory: Rune
  • Quest that can be completed in this hunting zone: Thwarting Dragons' Plans


Beast Farm
  • Alternative to: Sel Mahum Base
  • Level: 83
  • Territory: Rune
  • Quest that can be completed in this hunting zone: Stop Sel Mahum's Troops
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