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The Devil's Isle is an island where pirates and smugglers hid and shared their stolen treasures. The souls of the dead and demons wander through here all the time. It is by no means a heavenly place. But those brave souls who dare to set foot on the cursed land during the new event will be able to get the treasure of the Pirate King himself. But we can't promise that Zaken will give them away so easily!

Event Duration
  • From 28.02.22 to 07.03.22

Instance NPC


  • Paulia NPC will spawn in the cities of Elmoreden, he recruits volunteers to campaign for Zaken.
  • The NPC performs the following functions:
    • Moving to Devil's Isle;
    • Exchange of Unknown Coupon;
    • Tells the story of Zaken's Headquarters.

Moving to Devil's Isle


  • At any time, regardless of the character's level, you can move from NPC Paulia to Devil's Isle, right to NPC Nikia.
  • During the event period, you can also go to Devil's Isle via the teleportation menu for free.
  • Nikia will move the command channel of 20-200 characters to Zaken's Headquarters.

Daily Mission
  • During the event, all characters of level 76 and higher have a daily mission available.
  • You can hunt in one or several zones at once or where it's more convenient for you.
  • The mission can be completed by each character in the account.
Zaken's Challenge (Lv. 76+)Kill 3000 monsters in one of the following zones:
– Tower of Insolence;
– Dragon Valley;
– Orc Barracks;
– Sel Mahum Base.
Type: daily
Cooldown: 6:30 AM
Level: 76 and higher
Conditions: none
Zaken's Treasure Chest — 1 pcs.
Zaken's Headquarters Coupon — 1 pcs.
Unknown Coupon — 1 pcs.

Zaken's Headquarters Coupon
  • The coupon is required to enter the Zaken's Headquarters instance zone.
  • Here are ways to get the entry coupon:
    • Complete the Zaken's Challenge (Lv. 76+) daily mission.
    • Purchase it on L-Coin Store → Events and Offers → Zaken's Headquarters Coupon.
CategoryProduct NamePricePurchase Limit
Events and Offers
Zaken's Headquarters Coupon
1 pcs. per character (daily)
  • Attention! The coupon does not allow you to enter Zaken's Headquarters twice, it is only an alternative way to get there if you don't want or can't complete the daily mission "Zaken's Challenge". Don't buy a ticket in the L-Coin Store for a character who has already completed the daily mission!
  • The coupon can't be exchanged or shared within account.

Exchange of Unknown Coupon
  • Unknown Coupon received for a daily mission can be exchanged with the NPC Paulia in any town.
  • Exchange rate is 100%.
Received ItemRequired Item
Zaken's Treasure Chest (1 pcs.)
Unknown Coupon (1 pcs.)

Zaken's Treasure Chest
  • When you open the chest, you can get useful supplies and rare items:
Zaken's Blood Sword
Zaken's Earring
A-grade Weapon Coupon Sealed
Pirate's Earring (Time-limited) Sealed
Forgotten Primeval Garden's Time Stone (Time-limited) Sealed
Primeval Isle's Time Stone (Time-limited) Sealed
Scroll: Boost Defense (Time-limited) Sealed x3
Scroll: Boost Attack (Time-limited) Sealed x3
Sayha's Cookie (Time-limited) Sealed x3

Zaken's Headquarters


  • Zaken's Headquarters is an instance zone designated for a command channel.
  • Attention! The Zaken's Headquarters Coupon is required for each character in the command channel.
Zone NameRequired ItemNumber of participantsAdditional Information
Zaken's Headquarters
Zaken's Headquarters Coupon
20 — 200 characters (command channel)Zone type: daily
Cooldown: 6:30 AM
Level: 76 and higher
Completion time: 60 min.
Conditions: none (clan membership is not required)
  • Event Zaken is practically no different from the normal epic boss: it is identical in appearance (night incarnation), has the same characteristics, but the amount of its HP is 2 times more than the normal one.
  • In the event zone, characters lose experience when they die in the usual way.
  • The event zone is created for each command channel individually at the entrance, which means that several command channels will not intersect within the zone (only at the entrance to the zone).
  • The event zone is a normal location (not PvP), if desired, members of the command channel can attack your character, so be on the lookout!

Zaken's drop list
  • The event Zaken has a unique list of rewards that the regular one doesn't have, such as pet books and enchant scrolls for rare accessories.
  • Rewards in the command channel are distributed according to the usual rules: the command channel's leader party is granted the privilege of item looting.
  • Attention! There is a chance to get nothing (the chances of some items are lower than with a normal boss).
Sealed Armor of Nightmare
Sealed Helm of Nightmare
Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare
Sealed Boots of Nightmare
Sealed Shield of Nightmare
Sealed Majestic Plate Armor
Sealed Majestic Circlet
Sealed Majestic Gauntlets
Sealed Majestic Boots
Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare
Sealed Majestic Leather Armor
Sealed Robe of Nightmare
Sealed Majestic Robe
Sealed Majestic Necklace
Sealed Majestic Earring
Sealed Majestic Ring
Sirra's Blade
Sword of Ipos
Barakiel's Axe
Behemoth' Tuning Fork
Naga's Storm
Tiphon's Spear
Shyeed's Bow
Sobekk's Hurricane
Themis' Tongue
Cabrio's Hand
Daimon Crystal
Tallum Blade*Damascus Sword
Éclair Bijou
Zaken's Blood Sword
Zaken's Earring
scroll-enchant-rare-accesories.pngScroll: Enchant Rare Accesories
improved-scroll-enchant-rare-accesories.pngImproved Scroll: Enchant Rare Accesories
tome-of-blood-page.pngTome of Blood Page
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Blocked Target Change
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Strong Bite
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Exploding Feather
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Last Dire Claw
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Pulling Body
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Back Explosion
petbook-2.pngPet Book: Steel Skin

Reward for all participants
  • In addition to the loot from the Zaken itself, all raid participants can speak with the NPC Paulia inside the zone (before going outside) and get a reward:
    • etc_lottery_card_i00.png
      Unknown Coupon — 1 pcs.
  • The item is given immediately to the character's inventory after clicking on the "Get the reward" link.
  • You can get a reward only if the inventory is filled by no more than 80% by weight and 90% by the number of inventory slots.
  • Attention! The instance zone is closed in 5 minutes after Zaken has been finished, or in case all raid participants leave the zone. Ensure to claim your reward in time!

Pirate Earring
  • You can get an unique item from the Zaken's Treasure Chest with a certain chance:
    Pirate Earring.
  • Base M. Def of the earring: 100.
  • The effect of a regular Zaken's Earring stacks with the effect of the event earring.
  • Attention! The Pirate Earring will be removed after the event ends.
Pirate's Earring (Time-limited) Sealed
P. Def. +500
Max MP +34
MP Consumption -2%
Damage Reflection +5%
With a certain chance, absorbs 2% of inflicted damage as HP.

Cannot be enchanted.

Deletion of items
  • The following items will be removed after event ends.
  • Have time to use them before the week ends!
Item Name
Unknown Coupon - Event
Zaken's Headquarters Coupon - Event
Pirate Earring - Event (Deleted 1 week after event ends)
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