Update Mission System

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Mission System

The mission system has been redesigned, uniting daily, weekly and monthly missions into a single set of weekly missions with the possibility of selecting which missions you wish to complete.

Missions - Categories
  • Hunting World: missions related to hunting monsters in world hunting zones.
  • Hunting Instances: missions related to hunting monsters in special zones.
  • Complete Dungeon: missions related to completing Dungeons.

Accepting, cancelling and completing Missions
  • Up to 10 missions can be accepted simultaneously from the Available missions list.
  • Once a mission has been accepted, the Available missions counter will be reduced by 1 and you can already start to fill it's requirement.
  • Once the requirement has been fulfilled, the mission can be completed by clicking on the Receive reward button.
  • A total of 10 missions can be completed per weekly period, which resets every Monday at 06:30 (server time).
  • There is an option to cancel an already accepted mission. Keep in mind that cancelling a mission will reset it's current progress.

Auto-complete Mission
  • You can auto-complete missions by using a Mission Complete Ticket.
  • Mission Complete Tickets can be acquired on the Account Panel Store.
  • To auto-complete a mission, click on the Auto-complete button in the mission details interface. A confirmation window will pop-up and when confirming it, one piece of Mission Complete Ticket will be consumed and the mission will be completed, instantly receiving it's rewards.

Missions - Rewards
  • After completing each mission you have previously accepted, the following rewards will be granted:
l-coin.png L-Coin26500
ancient-adena.png Ancient Adena600
Equipment-Mission-Chest.png Equipment Mission Chest1
Resources-Mission-Chest.png Resources Mission Chest1
Consumables-Mission-Chest.png Consumables Mission Chest1
  • Additionally, mission-points.png Mission Points x75 will be granted per each completed mission.
  • Base rewards listed above are equal for all missions.
  • Certain missions will count with mission-specific rewards, such as:
    • clan-xp.png Clan XP: obtained as reward when completing certain 'Complete Dungeon' category missions.
    • dream-orb.png Dream Orb: obtained as reward from the Exploring Dreamland mission.
    • Attribute-Attack-Potions-Pack.png Attribute Attack Potions Pack: obtained as reward from the Dwelling of Spirits and Spirit Rulers missions.

Rewards - Mission Chests
  • Mission Chests have been added to the game in order to collect all previously available rewards by completing daily, weekly and monthly missions in packs and increase the amount of those obtained rewards.

Equipment-Mission-Chest.png Equipment Mission Chest
Double-click to obtain various items.


  • ItemQuantity
    package-cloak-of-protection.png Package: Cloak of Protection5
    enchant-kit-talisman-speed.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Speed2
    enchant-kit-talisman-eva.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Eva2
    enchant-kit-talisman-of-authority.png Enchant Kit: Talisman of Authority2

Resources-Mission-Chest.png Resources Mission Chest
Double-click to obtain various items.


  • ItemQuantity
    aden purge crystal sealed.png Aden Purge Crystal1
    purge-equipment-newbie-pack.png Purge Equipment Newbie Pack1
    venir-talisman-fragment-sealed.png Venir's Talisman Fragment (Sealed)30
    growth-rune-fragment-sealed.png Growth Rune Fragment10
    enria.png Enria5
    asofe.png Asofe5

Consumables-Mission-Chest.png Consumables Mission Chest
Double-click to obtain various items.


  • ItemQuantity
    sayhas-grace-scroll.png Sayha's Grace Scroll10
    sayha-cookie.png Sayha's Cookie100
    spirit-rune-sealed.png Spirit Rune1
    spirit-trace-sealed.png Spirit Trace2
    red-lantern-time-limited.png Red Lantern3
    blue-lantern-time-limited.png Blue Lantern5

Attribute-Attack-Potions-Pack.png Attribute Attack Potions Pack (Dwelling of Spirits and Spirit Rulers missions)
Double-click to obtain various items.


  • ItemQuantity
    improved-fire-attack-potion.png Improved Fire Attack Potion5
    improved-water-attack-potion.png Improved Water Attack Potion5
    improved-wind-attack-potion.png Improved Wind Attack Potion5
    improved-earth-attack-potion.png Improved Earth Attack Potion5
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