Update New Innadril Launcher

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Installation steps

  • The new Launcher can be downloaded on the Innadril website https://innadril.gg/ by clicking on Install Innadril (at the top right corner).

  • Once the Launcher is downloaded, it can be located in any folder.

  • The first time you open the Launcher, a welcome window will open, where you will choose the Region and Language of your interest, and the Folder in which the game client files will be downloaded.

  • Then you will select the server you want to connect to, and click on INSTALL. The game client download process will begin.

  • Once the client has finished downloading and installing, you can click on the PLAY button to join the game.

Additional info
  • All servers available in the same game version will be downloaded within the same game client, creating a separate system folder for each server.
  • Within the Settings window (by clicking on the nut icon in the upper right corner of the Launcher), the following options are available:
    • Region selection;
    • Game language selection;
    • Launcher language selection;
    • Game installation folder selection;
    • Repair client: indicated for cases in which your game client has errors that prevent its correct launch or functioning.
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