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The mission system has been redesigned, uniting daily, weekly and monthly missions into a single set of weekly missions with the possibility of selecting which missions you wish to complete.

Missions - Categories
  • Hunting World: missions related to hunting monsters in world hunting zones.
  • Hunting Instances: missions related to hunting monsters in special zones.
  • Complete Dungeon: missions related to completing Dungeons.

Accepting, cancelling and completing Missions
  • Up to 10 missions can be accepted simultaneously from the Available missions list.
  • Once a mission has been accepted, the Available missions counter will be reduced by 1 and you can already start to fill it's requirement.
  • Once the requirement has been fulfilled, the mission can be completed by clicking on the Receive reward button.
  • A total of 10 missions can be completed per weekly period, which resets every Monday at 06:30 (server time).
  • There is an option to cancel an already accepted mission. Keep in mind that cancelling a mission will reset it's current progress.

Auto-complete Mission
  • You can auto-complete missions by using a Mission Complete Ticket.
  • Mission Complete Tickets can be acquired on the Account Panel Store.
  • To auto-complete a mission, click on the Auto-complete button in the mission details interface. A confirmation window will pop-up and when confirming it, one piece of Mission Complete Ticket will be consumed and the mission will be completed, instantly receiving it's rewards.

Missions - Rewards
  • After completing each mission you have previously accepted, the following rewards will be granted:
ancient-adena.png Ancient Adena100
spirit-rune-sealed.png Spirit Rune (Sealed)1
spirit-trace-sealed.png Spirit Trace (Sealed)1
adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed)10
mission-points.png Mission Points75

Adventurer's Coupon
  • Upon completing a Mission, you will receive adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 10 pcs.
  • These coupons can be exchanged for various items through the Special Craft → Event → Adventurer's Coupon.
  • A list of available rewards is described on the table below:
ItemQuantityCostPurchase limit
growth-rune-fragment-sealed.png Growth Rune Fragment
4adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 1 pc.10 (weekly)
venir talisman fragment.png Venir's Talisman Fragment (Sealed)3adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 1 pc.10 (weekly)
daily-augmenting-stone-pack.png Augmenting Stone Pack
1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 1 pc.10 (weekly)
hidden-power-booster-sealed.png Hidden Power Booster (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 1 pc.10 (weekly)
dye-booster.png Dye Booster (Sealed)2adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 3 pcs.5 (weekly)
elixir powder.png Elixir Powder (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 2 pcs.10 (weekly)
enchant-package-ring-of-insolence.png Package: Ring of Insolence (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 1 pc.5 (weekly)
enchant-package-dragon-valley-earring.png Package: Dragon Valley's Earring (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 1 pc.5 (weekly)
package-hunters-earring.png Package: Hunter's Earring (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 1 pc.5 (weekly)
collectors-armor-c-pack.png Package: Collector's Armor C (Sealed)2adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 5 pcs.1 (weekly)
collectors-weapon-c-pack.png Package: Collector's Weapon C (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 5 pcs.1 (weekly)
collectors-armor-c-pack.png Package: Collector's Armor B (Sealed)2adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 10 pcs.1 (weekly)
collectors-weapon-c-pack.png Package: Collector's Weapon B (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 10 pcs.1 (weekly)
purge-weapon-box-time-limited.png Purge Weapon Pack (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 10 pcs.2 (weekly)
blessed-cursed-enchant-scroll-pack.png Blessed/ Cursed Enchant Scroll Pack (Sealed)1adventurers-coupon.png Adventurer's Coupon (Sealed) - 5 pcs.2 (weekly)
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