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The Innadril project is launching a video clip contest for the Continental server!

Categories and Awards:
The contest will feature 3 categories:
  • Most Spectacular Video
  • Most Trendy/Creative Video
  • Best Musical Compilation/Audio Accompaniment.
Prize Placements:
  • Most Spectacular Video by Viewer's Choice
  • Most Spectacular Video by Administration's Choice
  • Most Trendy/Creative Video by Viewer's Choice
  • Most Trendy/Creative Video by Administration's Choice
  • Best Musical Compilation/Audio Accompaniment by Viewer's Choice
  • Best Musical Compilation/Audio Accompaniment by Administration's Choice
All participants who did not win prizes will receive - 50,000 L-coins

Prizes for winners in each category:
  • 1704565932179.png
    100,000 L-coins
  • 1704565939049.png
    Random Costume Box - Epic x1
  • 1704565946407.png
    Daily Kit Coupon x14
  • 1704565961153.png
    Sealed Strongbox Bundle Coupon x2
Selection of Winners:
  • 1 Winner in each category by viewers' choice will be selected through voting in our Telegram Channels.
  • 1 Winner in each category by administration's choice will be determined by the Innadril team.

Rules and Competition Information:
The submissions will be accepted until January 15, 2024, 17:00 (GMT+3).
Once the submission period ends, the voting and winner selection phase will take place from 15th January 2024, 17:00 (GMT+3) until 18th January 17:00 (GMT+3). During this period, voting posts will appear in our Telegram channels.*

We recommend subscribing in advance to not miss the voting!
Subscribe to our Telegram

*Each individual can cast only one vote per nominee.

Description of Categories:
  1. Most Spectacular Video - This category requires your video to showcase large-scale and epic battles. The more epic, the better!
  2. Most Trendy/Creative Video - If grand battles aren't your forte, this category provides an opportunity for you to shine! Your video can include current internet trends or any interesting and creative ideas. This category also includes humorous moments or edited clips from our server.
  3. Best Musical Compilation - We all appreciate great music. In this category, you can present the best musical compilation or use any other form of musical accompaniment – it could be a recording from your voice chat or any other audio files that might interest the viewers.
  • The video must be of good quality and meet modern standards.
  • The video must be new, meaning it has not been previously published on our platform or recently published.
  • The minimum length of the video should be 30 seconds.
  • The video must be created on our project.
  • When creating the video, it is necessary to put effort into it and ensure its uniqueness. Simply cutting excerpts from a stream and re-uploading them to YouTube does not meet the criteria for participating in the contest. However, the use of clips with humorous moments and inserts is allowed
  • If your video does not meet the requirements, Frigg will contact you to discuss the possibility of creating a new video or fixing the errors.
  • The same video can participate in multiple categories.
  • One video can participate in multiple categories.
  • One participant can submit only one video for each nomination. For instance, you can publish three different videos for each nomination or create one video for three different categories at once.
  • One participant can win only in one category.
There may be additional updates to the rules, so stay tuned for further information!

Submission of Entries:

The video must be posted in a dedicated section of our Discord server. When publishing the video, please:
  • Go to the "video" section in our Discord.
  • Tag Frigg
  • Specify the name of the nomination you want to participate in
The section can be found on our Discord.

Example Entry:
Example #1:

Example #2:

Attention! Videos without properly filled forms will not be considered as contest entries.

If you have any questions, please write to Frigg via direct messages on Discord.

We wish everyone good luck and inspiration!
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