Update Server Update: January 15

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New Special Zones: Kelbim's Fortress & Pagan Temple

Kelbim's Fortress & Pagan Temple are available every other week from Monday to Friday at any time (you can access Kelbim's Fortress during one week, and Pagan Temple during the other).

General Information

Required levelEntrance feePeriodAvailable daysAvailable timeBase timeExtension
Lv. 85+Adena x100.000DailyMonday - Friday24 h. (from Monday, 6:30)1 hour a day2 hours
  • Enhanced monsters that appear during hot time and Raid Bosses Kelbim and Andreas van Halter will be disabled until later in the server.

Arcane Strongboxes

  • The Adena fee requested when opening Arcane Strongboxes will now depend on the character's level:
    • Lv. 1 - 75: adena.png Adena x10.000
    • Lv. 76 - 85: adena.png Adena x20.000
    • Lv. 86+: adena.png Adena x30.000

Other changes

  • Command Channel window will now automatically refresh when a party joins or leaves the Command Channel.
  • Fixed an issue with Gorde and Gorde's Priest Daimon not teleporting characters back to town when getting too close to them if the clan member is not registered to Epic Bosses hunting.

Preview of important changes to be applied during the Weekly Update on January 19


The following changes will be applied:
  • The obtained amount of
    Aether Pack (Sealed) when opening Strongboxes will be increased from 1 pc. to 2 pcs.
  • Weekly craft limits of Rare Accessories and Dolls through the Special Craft will be increased by 2 times (e.g. Queen Ant's Ring weekly craft limit will be increased from 10 to 20 craft attempts).
  • scroll-enchant-rare-accesories-sealed.png
    Scroll: Enchant Rare Accesories (Sealed) will be added to the
    Boss' Accessory Fragment (Sealed) exchange. Cost:
    Boss' Accessory Fragment (Sealed) - 250 pcs.
  • Aether fee when crafting
    Spellbook Coupons will be increased by 2 times (to keep the same correlation between amount of Aether obtained and Aether required when crafting Spellbook Coupons). We recommend that you use the
    Aether (Sealed) you have already obtained to craft Spellbook Coupons before this change takes effect, in order to maintain the previous fee.

In order to apply the mentioned changes, all Arcane Keys will be deleted during Friday, January 19 restart. Don't forget to use them before this restart!

Random Craft

The following items will be added as possible rewards to the Random Craft:
  • Dolls Lv. 1 (Sealed) (up to Frintezza Doll)
  • Rare Accessories (Sealed) (up to Frintezza's Necklace)
  • Special Armors (Sealed)
  • Boss' Weapons (Sealed)

Ancient Adena Store

A new item will be added:

Elixir (Sealed)

  • Purchase limit: 1 pc. per month (per account)
  • Price:
    Ancient Adena x3.500

Kelbim Doll & Andreas van Halter Doll

When hunting monsters inside Kelbim's Fortress and Pagan Temple, special fragments will be obtained, with which it will be possible to craft the following items:
  • kelbim-doll-lv-1.png
    Kelbim Doll Lv. 1 (Sealed)
  • andreas-van-halter-doll-lv-1.png
    Andreas van Halter Doll Lv. 1 (Sealed)
Further information will be given in a next announcement.
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