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Innadril Project: In Search of the Epic Meme!​


Our team closely monitors the events in our gaming world. Every day brings new dramas, podcasts, jokes, and gives rise to new memes – it's impressive!
We believe that your creativity deserves recognition, so we've decided to encourage your efforts with an additional meme contest! Creating a meme is a straightforward task, and almost every player can handle it.

Prize Places:

In this contest, the Project Administration reserves the right to judge the winners, but this doesn't limit your creativity! Additionally, we will take into account and monitor the community's opinion on each entry (in the form of likes, comments in the chat and in-game chat, on streams, and so on).
In any case, each submitted work will be rewarded, provided all specified requirements are met. All participants who do not secure prize places will also receive a reward of 15,000 L-Coins for each of their submissions.
A participant can submit up to three different works.

The number of prize places will be determined based on the number of submissions at the end of the contest:
  • If there are contest entries up to 19 inclusive - 3 prize places (one winner in each group)
  • If there are contest entries from 20 to 29 inclusive - 6 prize places (two winners in each group)
  • If there are contest entries of 30 or more - 9 prize places (three winners in each group)
All participants who do not secure prize places will receive - 15 000 L-Coins

Prizes for winners:
  • Group 1 (first prize places):
    • 1707252136902.png
      200 000 L-coins
    • 1707252123242.png
      A costume from our collection, your choice!
  • Group 2 (second prize places):
    • 1707252141995.png
      150 000 L-coins
    • 1707252125819.png
      A costume from our collection, your choice!
  • Group 3 (third prize places):
    • 1707252144899.png
      100 000 L-coins
    • 1707252128744.png
      A costume from our collection, your choice!
Contest Rules and Information:
Entries will be accepted from the announcement publication until 16.02.2024 at 17:00 (GMT+3).
To participate in the contest, you need to post your work in the 'memes' channel on Discord and tag Frigg.

Winners will be announced within 48 hours after the contest ends.
Rewards for all participants will be distributed within 24 hours after announcing the winners."

  • The contest accepts entries in the form of videos and images.
  • A video meme should not exceed 30 seconds in duration.
  • The work must be original and not previously published on our resources or platforms related to our projects (such as Telegram channels of our project's streamers).
  • A participant is allowed to submit up to three works, with a reward provided for each.
  • One participant can only win a prize with one of their works.
  • The work must be created exclusively on our project or reflect events related to it.
  • The meme should be of high quality, unique, and align with the definition of the term 'Meme.'
  • If your work does not meet the requirements, Frigg will contact you to discuss the possibility of creating a new piece or correcting errors.
  • The project administration reserves the right to deny rewards to participants who submit works lacking humor and cannot be recognized as memes.
Additional rules may be added, so stay tuned for updates!

Wishing everyone good luck and inspiration!
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