Update Server Update: May 7

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New Event

Orc Fortress Update

  • The Orc Fortress event will now occur 4 times a day, at the following times (server time): 01:30, 07:30, 13:30, 19:30.
  • The monster level has been increased to 90/92 and their stats and XP/SP rewards have been increased accordingly.
  • The Adena reward received by the character who manages to cast the flag skill during the event has been increased from 15,000,000 to 30,000,000 Adena.
  • The Orc Fortress Owner skill has been added back to the game, being awarded to the clan of the character who manages to cast the flag skill during the event. This ability lasts for 6 hours (until the start of a new Orc Fortress event) and its benefits have been improved:
Orc Fortress Owner
A special buff for members of the clan that owns the Orc Fortress.
Acquired XP/ SP +30%
Acquired Adena +10%

My Teleport Update

  • A usage limit of 10 uses has been added to the My Teleport system.
  • After using My Teleport, 1 use will be consumed.
  • Each use is recovered after 6 minutes.
  • The cooldown timer is reset if My Teleport is used during the cooldown period.

Other Changes

  • The Kill Spree feature has been optimized to count kills properly.
  • Fixed an issue with party info update.
  • Fixed an issue causing an Olympiad match to finish after a competitor wins the first round.
  • Guaranteed Compound has been updated: from now on, items that have a package version available in addition to the item itself (such as Package: Brooch Lv. 1 and Brooch Lv. 1) will share the same compound group, which means they will share the guaranteed compound count.
  • Fixed an issue with A/B set swapping where settings made on sets were not saved after the character was logged out of the game. In order to implement this fix, all characters' set settings have been reset.
  • Fixed an issue where when crafting an item, such as +7 Blessed Talisman of Aden, which requires 2 pieces of +7 Talisman of Aden, if you had a third +7 Talisman of Aden equipped, there was a chance that that equipped Talisman would be consumed (along with one of those available in the inventory), instead of the two that you had available in your inventory.
  • Fixed an issue whereby it was possible that when wanting to craft an item through special craft that required two enchanted items, an enchanted item at a higher level would be consumed if it was available in the inventory instead of the items with the corresponding enchantment level.
  • Fixed an issue where it was randomly not possible to cast the flag skill inside the fortress during the Orc Fortress event.
  • The weekly DKP contribution will no longer reset at the same time as the monthly DKP contribution.
  • Fixed an issue where the Clan Notice window was not automatically displayed upon login.
  • Fixed an issue where players added to the Watchlist wouldn't be marked with the correct symbol.
  • Fixed an issue where the clan war kill streak emblem would not be displayed for clan mates/enemies.
  • An issue where the Yebis HDR effect would be reapplied following a client restart has been fixed.
  • The amount of participants required to start an Olympiad fight wave has been decreased.
  • Darion has been added to the DKP Manager.
  • Fixed an issue where the class was not mentioned accordingly in the global announcement given when claiming hero status for the following classes: Vanguard Rider, Assassin, Female Assassin.
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