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Monsters from the Ant Nest began to bring terror and panic to the nearby settlements. The ruler of the lands calls on daredevils and adventurers to kill the Queen Ant, so that the insect army retreats! Ready for the raid?

Event NPCs
  • The event involves two NPCs — Event Manager Antri and Ant Nest's Researcher Jio.
  • In the table below, you can see where to find these NPCs, what they do, and what they look like.

Event Manager AntriAnt Nest's Researcher Jio
Where to find:
— in all towns (use /target Antri).

What he does:
— tells about the Queen Ant's Lair and about the features of the raid;
  • moves the character to the entrance of Ant Nest to Ant Nest's Researcher Jio.
Where to find:
before raid: at the entrance of Ant Nest;
  • after raid: in the Queen Ant's Lair.
What he does:
before raid:moves the command channel to the Queen Ant's Lair instance zone;
  • after raid: rewards the participants of the raid and moves them back to the town.
  • You can also move to the raid via the teleportation menu: Gludio → Ant Nest.

Daily Mission
  • During the event, all characters of level 76 and higher have a daily mission available.
  • You can hunt in one or several zones at once or where it's more convenient for you.
  • The mission can be completed by each character in the account.

Queen Ant's TrialKill 3000 monsters in one of the following zones:
– Tower of Insolence;
– Dragon Valley;
– Orc Barracks;
– Sel Mahum Base.
Type: daily
Cooldown: 6:30 a.m.
Level: 76 and higher
Conditions: none
Queen Ant's Treasure Chest — 1 pc.
Queen Ant's Lair Pass — 1 pc.

Queen Ant's Lair Pass
  • The ticket is required to enter the Queen Ant's Lair instance zone.
  • How to obtain the ticket:
    • Daily Mission: Queen Ant's Trial
    • L-Coin Store → Events and Offers → Queen Ant's Lair Pass

CategoryProduct NamePricePurchase Limit
Events and Offers
Queen Ant's Lair Pass
400 L-Coins
1 pc. per character (daily)

  • Attention! The ticket does not allow you to enter Queen Ant's Lair twice, it is only an alternative way to get there if you do not want or can not complete the daily mission "Queen Ant's Trial". Do not buy the ticket in the L-Coin Store for a character who has already completed the daily mission!
  • The pass cannot be exchanged, dropped, sold in a private store, and shared within account.

Queen Ant's Lair - Instance Zone


  • Queen Ant's Lair is an instance zone designated for a command channel.
  • To enter the instance zone, each character in the command channel will need a special pass.

Zone NameRequired ItemNumber of ParticipantsAdditional Information
Queen Ant's Lair
Queen Ant's Lair Pass
15 — 100 characters
(in the command channel)
Zone type: daily
Cooldown: 6:30 AM
Level: 76 and higher
Completion time: 60 min.
Conditions: clan is not required

  • The event zone is created for each command channel individually at the entrance, which means that several command channels will not intersect within the zone (only at the entrance to the zone).
  • The event zone is a PvE location, and attacking other characters is not possible.
  • When restarting the game or dying in the event zone, the character returns to Jio at the entrance to Ant Nest.
  • After dying in the event zone, the character can return to the raid via Ant Nest's Researcher Jio, and the entry ticket will no longer be required.
  • In the event zone, characters do not lose EXP or items upon death.

Queen Ant


  • You can't get EXP and SP from the event boss.
  • Event Queen is level 85.

Raid Zone


  • Right after entering the zone, the Queen is surrounded by minions: Escord Ants and Nurse Ants.
  • The Nurses serve as the Queen's healers, and the Escort and Royal Guards protect her.
  • When the Queen's HP decreases, stronger Royal Guard Ants also appear.
  • When the Queen's HP decreases by every 10%, additional Nurses and Escord Ants spawn.
  • For killing the Queen's minions, you can get EXP and SP.
  • There is no loot for killing minions.
  • Queen Ant grants Book Craft Points after being killed to the whole Command Channel.

Rewards for Killing Queen

  • Loot in the command channel are distributed according to the usual rules: the command channel's leader party is granted the privilege of item looting. This means that not everyone will get the loot from the boss.
  • Attention! There is a chance to get nothing (the chances of some items are lower than with a normal boss).

Sealed Armor of Nightmare
Sealed Helm of Nightmare
Sealed Gauntlets of Nightmare
Sealed Boots of Nightmare
Sealed Shield of Nightmare
Sealed Majestic Plate Armor
Sealed Majestic Circlet
Sealed Majestic Gauntlets
Sealed Majestic Boots
Sealed Leather Armor of Nightmare
Sealed Majestic Leather Armor
Sealed Robe of Nightmare
Sealed Majestic Robe
Sealed Majestic Necklace
Sealed Majestic Earring
Sealed Majestic Ring
Sirra's Blade
Sword of Ipos
Barakiel's Axe
Behemoth' Tuning Fork
Naga's Storm
Tiphon's Spear
Shyeed's Bow
Sobekk's Hurricane
Themis' Tongue
Cabrio's Hand
Daimon Crystal
Tallum Blade*Damascus Sword
Éclair Bijou
Queen Ant's Stone Breaker
Queen Ant's Ring
Queen Ant Doll Lv. 2
Scroll: Enchant Rare Accesories
Improved Scroll: Enchant Rare Accesories
3-stars-spellbook.png3-stars Spellbook
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Blocked Target Change
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Strong Bite
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Exploding Feather
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Last Dire Claw
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Pulling Body
petbook-1.pngPet Book: Back Explosion
petbook-2.pngPet Book: Steel Skin

Rewards for All Participants

Daily Mission

Killing Queen AntA reward is given for defeating Queen Ant in the Ant Nest.Type: daily
Cooldown: 6:30 a.m.
Level: 76 and higher
Conditions: none
Shiny Jewelry Box — 5 pcs.
Red Lantern - 1st Place — 1 pc.
einhasad-protection.png Einhasad's Protection — 1 pc.

  • All participants of the raid can talk to the Ant Nest's Researcher Jio inside the zone and receive the rewards.
  • Characters who didn't attack the boss can also get rewards from the Ant Nest's Researcher Jio.

Queen Ant's Treasure Chest (Time-limited) Sealed
Sayha's Cookie (Time-limited) Sealed

Queen Ant's Treasure Chest

From the chest that you received from Jio after the raid, you will receive the main reward:

Queen Ant's Stone Breaker
Queen Ant's Ring
A-grade Weapon Coupon Sealed
A-grade Armor Coupon Sealed
Scroll: Boost Defense (Time-limited) Sealed x5
Scroll: Boost Attack (Time-limited) Sealed x5
Primeval Isle's Time Stone (Time-limited) Sealed x1
Forgotten Primeval Garden's Time Stone (Time-limited) Sealed x1
Sayha's Cookie (Time-limited) Sealed x10

Event Buff
  • Upon receiving the reward from Ant Nest's Researcher Jio, each participant of the raid will automatically receive the "Ant Prophecy" event buff.
  • Ant Prophecy stacks with all main buffs.
  • Ant Prophecy lasts 3 hours.


Ant Prophecy (Lv. 1)
PvE damage +5%
All Critical Rate +50
All Critical Damage +100
Sayha's Grace Consumption -10%

Item Deletion
  • Event-related items will be removed after event eds.
  • All other items and buffs received during the event will not be deleted.
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