Event Costumes System

Costumes System

How to obtain
  • Costumes are obtainable via Random Costume Boxes, which you can purchase on your Account Panel - Store:
    • Random Costume Box - Common → Price: 5€ (+tax). Double-click to obtain one Common Costume Sealbook.
    • Random Costume Box - Rare → Price: 10€ (+tax). Double-click to obtain one Rare Costume Sealbook.
  • Costumes are only COSMETIC. They don't grant any bonus effect. They only grant a visual effect on the character.
  • The obtained Costume Sealbook can be exchanged and sold on private store.

  • Double-clicking the Costume Sealbook in your inventory will consume the item and enable the corresponding Costume in the Costumes UI.

Available Costumes

random-costume-box-common.png Random Costume Box - Common
Double-click to obtain the following:


    • santa.png Costume Sealbook: Santa
    • formal-wear.png Costume Sealbook: Formal Wear
    • panda-plushy.png Costume Sealbook: Panda Plushy
    • teddy-bear-plushy.png Costume Sealbook: Teddy Bear Plushy
    • kutty-plushy.png Costume Sealbook: Kitty Plushy
    • kat-the-cat.png Costume Sealbook: Kat the Cat
    • valkyrie.png Costume Sealbook: Valkyrie
    • school-uniform-a.png Costume Sealbook: School Uniform A
    • school-uniform-b.png Costume Sealbook: School Uniform B
    • alluring-swimsuit.png Costume Sealbook: Alluring Swimsuit
    • beach-swimsuit.png Costume Sealbook: Beach Swimsuit
    • seductive-swimsuit.png Costume Sealbook: Seductive Swimsuit
    • baseball-uniform.png Costume Sealbook: Baseball Uniform
    • archer-green.png Costume Sealbook: Archer - Green
    • archer-red.png Costume Sealbook: Archer - Red
    • blue-musketeer.png Costume Sealbook: Blue Musketeer
    • magician.png Costume Sealbook: Magician
    • cowboy.png Costume Sealbook: Cowboy
    • jester.png Costume Sealbook: Jester
    • halloween.png Costume Sealbook: Halloween
    • steward.png Costume Sealbook: Steward
    • alice-in-wonderland.png Costume Sealbook: Alice in Wonderland
    • hanbok.png Costume Sealbook: Hanbok

random-costume-box-rare.png Random Costume Box - Rare
Double-click to obtain the following:


    • pirate-outfit.png Costume Sealbook: Pirate Outfit
    • pirate-blue.png Costume Sealbook: Pirate - Blue
    • wizard-wine.png Costume Sealbook: Wizard - Wine
    • high-priest.png Costume Sealbook: High Priest
    • wild-wolf.png Costume Sealbook: Wild Wolf
    • metal-suit.png Costume Sealbook: Metal Suit
    • steampunk.png Costume Sealbook: Steampunk
    • qipao.png Costume Sealbook: Qipao
    • samurai.png Costume Sealbook: Samurai
    • ninja-assassin.png Costume Sealbook: Ninja Assassin
    • blood-noblesse.png Costume Sealbook: Blood Noblesse
    • white-noblesse.png Costume Sealbook: White Noblesse
    • chevalier.png Costume Sealbook: Chevalier
    • vampire.png Costume Sealbook: Vampire
    • dark-knight.png Costume Sealbook: Dark Knight
    • kelbim.png Costume Sealbook: Kelbim
    • zaken.png Costume Sealbook: Zaken
    • anakim.png Costume Sealbook: Anakim
    • lilith.png Costume Sealbook: Lilith
    • freya.png Costume Sealbook: Freya
    • navy-admiral.png Costume Sealbook: Navy Admiral
    • nymph.png Costume Sealbook: Nymph
    • shadow-master.png Costume Sealbook: Shadow Master
    • dragon-berserker.png Costume Sealbook: Dragon Berserker

Costumes UI
  • To access the Costumes UI, click on the Costumes icon, available in the quick access bar on the down right corner.

  • There are 2 Costumes Tiers: Common and Rare.
  • Not owned Costumes are greyed out. Owned Costumes will be highlighted.
  • Selecting a Costume will show a preview.
  • You can zoom-in/zoom-out and rotate the preview.
  • You can search for a specific Costume or Tier.
  • You can select to only show owned Costumes.
  • Reset will clear all Searchs/Filters.
  • Clicking on Apply on an owned Costume will trigger the Costume's visual effect. The effect remains even after death.
  • Clicking on Cancel on an already applied Costume will dispel it's visual effect.

Exchange Costume
  • This option allows you to randomly exchange a Costume you own for other of the same Tier.
  • To succesfully exchange a Costume, you need to pay a fee of 4.000 L-Coins.

  • After confirming the exchange, an animation appears and you will receive another Costume randomly (always of the same Tier).

Extract Costume
  • This option allows you to extract a Costume you own and receive back it's corresponding Costume Sealbook.
  • To succesfully extract a Costume, you need to pay a fee of 6.000 L-Coins.

  • After confirming the extraction, you will receive the corresponding Costume Sealbook in your inventory.

  • Certain Costumes are not available for Male Sylphs or Female Sylphs (or both). Restrictions' info will be displayed on the Costume Sealbook description. For example:

  • If a restriction is applied for your character's race/gender, the Costume Sealbook will also not be possible to be used. You can still trade or sell to other players.
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