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Want to try out a new class but not leveling it from beginning? With this system, you can change your class keeping your level and nickname!

Class Change Coupon
  • Only characters who have reached the third class are able to change the class. The character must not have a hero status during the class change.
  • You need to purchase a special coupon for a class change on the Account Panel - Store.
  • The amount of purchasable coupons is unlimited. Coupons are exchangeable (can be traded with other players ingame).

Where to findProduct namePrice for 1 pc.
Account Panel - Store
Class Change Coupon
5 Balance

What's lost when changing your class
  • The following features of the character will be reset:
    • Distributed stat points.
    • Bonuses for rating rank.
    • Olympiad points and rank.
    • Buffs.
    • A 15% of the character's total XP will be lost. The amount of lost experience will decrease over time.
Note: attributes (level, percentage of XP, etc) are not lost and will remain as how they were before rerolling.

Class change process
  • After purchasing the Class Change Coupon, find NPC Juni in Aden or Giran.
  • Juni will provide you with some basic information about class change, and, if you have the Class Change Coupon in your inventory, can teleport you to the Additional Services Lab.
  • Inside the Additional Services Lab, you can speak with Hermin who will provide you with important info about what are you going to lose when changing your class. If you agree with it, click on 'Apply for a class change'.
  • After applying, you will be able to select:
    • Race (Death Knights are limited to Humans, Elfs and Dark Elfs; Assassins are limited to Humans and Dark Elfs; Vanguard is limited to Orcs).
    • Class.
    • Gender (Death Knights and Vanguard are limited to male gender).
  • The last confirm window will be shown, displaying all previously selected options, and also informing about the XP penalty you will receive after changing your class.
  • If you agree with all terms, click on 'Confirm'. A Class Change Coupon will be consumed from your inventory and you will get disconnected from the game.
  • After logging back into the game, your character will now have it's new class. Have fun!
  • SP spent by the character who changed it's class will be restored.

Returned skills after class change

Expand-Inventory-of-Glory.png Expand Inventory of Glory
Increased-Weight-Limit-of-Glory.png Increased Weight Limit of Glory
Glorious-Warrior's-Resurrection-Cost-Decrease.png Glorious Warrior's Resurrection Cost Decrease
Expand-Glorious-Warrior's-Free-Teleports.png Expand Glorious Warrior's Free Teleports
Expand-Glorious-Warrior's-Special-Teleports.png Expand Glorious Warrior's Special Teleports
Glorious-Warp-Quick-Teleport.png Glorious Warp: Quick Teleport
Expand-Trade.png Expand Trade
Expand-Warehouse.png Expand Warehouse
Expand-Inventory.png Expand Inventory
Divine-Inspiration.png Divine Inspiration
Expanded-Potential-of-Dyes.png Expanded Potential of Dyes
Blessed-by-Sayha.png Blessed by Sayha
Glorious-Warrior's-Ability.png Glorious Warrior's Ability
White-Guardian-Transformation.png White Guardian Transformation
Dragon-Slayer-Appearance.png Dragon Slayer Appearance
Mount-Glorious-Steed.png Mount Glorious Steed
Mount-Shining-Lady.png Mount Shining Lady

Appearance after class change
  • You cannot choose your appearance (face, hairstyle and hair color) during the class change.
  • You will get standard appearance features:
    • face — Type A;
    • hairstyle — Type A;
    • hair color — Type A.
  • If you want to change your appearance, you can buy special potions for Adena from NPC Grocer in any town.

Changing back to your previous class

  • If you decide to switch back to your previous class, you'll find all learnt skills for that class unchanged and active. You won't need to learn them again.
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