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Offline Auto-Hunt Overview​

Offline Auto-Hunt is a game feature that enables players to earn experience points and in-game currency even when the game is not actively running. Below, we have outlined the key advantages and limitations of this feature:
  • The system permits only one character to be in offline mode on a single computer. This means you cannot have one character offline and another one online simultaneously.
  • If you attempt to log in with another character while one character is already in offline mode, the first character will be disconnected from the server.
  • Nobody will have access to your character till you will not log in to him from same computer.
  • The Offline Auto-Hunt gauge has a time limit of 8 hours, and this time limit can be refilled without any restrictions.
    • This option allows you to save your Parking Pass if there is no intention to increase the Offline Auto-Hunt time over the time limit.
    • Please note that the 8-hour time limit is in place to preserve your Parking Pass and does not restrict your character to only 8 hours of gameplay per day.


Requirements to start Offline Auto-Hunt
  • To enable this feature, you need Offline Auto-Hunting time.
    • You can refill your Offline Auto-Hunting time using a Parking Pass, which can be acquired through the Account Control Panel for 0.03 balance.
    • 1 Parking Pass is equivalent to 1 hour of Offline Auto-Hunting time.
    • The Parking Pass can be auto-used by placing the item in your shortcut bar and right-clicking on it. While auto-use is active, the Offlne Auto-Hunting time will refill automatically when needed.
  • To utilize this function, you must have Account Shield activated.
  • Your character should be in Auto-Hunting mode.
  • Your character should be located in a regular hunting area.
  • Keep in mind that your character will be disconnected after a server restart or if the character will die.
  • There is no restriction on the duration you can spend in Offline Auto-Hunting mode.

How to Start Offline Auto-Hunt​

To get started, head to a hunting area suitable for your character's level range, ensuring that you meet the level and gear requirements (within a range of +/-15). Then, access the Auto-Hunt user interface and select Offline Auto-Hunt, which can be found in the lower-middle part of the interface. Once you meet the necessary criteria, click the "Start" button, and the game will automatically close. Don't forget to check your consumables before. Enjoy!
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